What We Need To Do In Confronting The Energy Predicament Dilemma

The United States has the most energy resources of any country on the planet. Let me repeat it one more time. The United States possesses more energy resources than any country. Most nations would be tickled pink if they had half of the energy resources that are available to us. America has an abundance of various energy resources spanning from coast to coast.The power generated from various energy resources is what fuels the modern world. No great country can exist without an abundance of energy. Energy is what provides heating and cooling for our homes, runs our centers of production, moves our transportation systems for the people and products, energy allows hospitals to function, and it also is used to defend our soil by means of making an effective military possible. The United States has coal, wind, geothermal, solar, natural gas, petroleum, and even gigantic rivers. Energy is a tool that allows society to function.The Hoover Dam [Boulder Dam] is located between Arizona and Nevada in the Colorado River’s Black Canyon terrain. The dam is located only a short distance from Las Vegas, Nevada. It is worth seeing if you are ever out that way. The dam produces hydroelectric power for Arizona, Nevada, and much of California. The Hoover Dam has giant turbines that use the free-flowing water from the Colorado River to generate an enormous amount of hydroelectric power. The Hoover Dam has produced energy effectively for over seventy years. The dam has returned the upfront cost of building it many times to the taxpayers.The southwest section of the United States is ripe for expanding current and future solar technology. The sun supplies an endless source of power and it would be a horrible waste to refuse to utilize this vast supply of energy in areas of the nation that can make the most use of it. Germany countered the Arab embargo of the late 1970’s by becoming the greatest innovators of solar power in the world. Germany has continued solar research continuously to this very day. They have no intentions of their nation being dependent on imported petroleum in the coming years.For over a century the Appalachian Mountains have been mining coal. The Northeast part of the United States has used the Appalachian coal for industrial and residential use for several generations. Coal is abundant, affordable, and research might make coal clean burning over time. All nations should make the maximum use of their natural resources. An abundance of coal is one of our natural resources. Remember the old saying “Waste not want not”.Wind power has existed for hundreds of years. The Vikings were able to cross the Atlantic Ocean using wind power to sail their ships. Scandinavian windmills have produced power for scores of years. Famous paintings depicting Dutch children wearing wooden shoes and playing near windmills still exist. Scandinavian windmills effectively produce electrical power. These same Scandinavian countries are currently the world’s leader in windmill technology.The nuclear age was born at the end of the World War II era. Weapons of mass destruction have been a byproduct of nuclear energy. Many countries now use nuclear energy to power their cities and factories. Nuclear power is clean and reliable. Nuclear power is also very expensive and dangerous to handle. Over a generation has gone by without the construction of one nuclear power plant. This is because the risk related to nuclear power is very high. Nuclear power plants want liability limits in case of a nuclear power plant disaster occurring. The cost of insuring a nuclear power plant mishap is too expensive. That should tell you something. Also, nuclear power plants want a designated area where they can dump the waste [spent nuclear fuel]. The designated area would relieve the owners from any mishaps that might occur. One thing to consider is where on earth can you hide the spent nuclear material from Mother Nature, or a Superior Being [for the religious believers], or both. The lifespan for nuclear material is thousands of years. The thousands of years is not the time we have to solve the disposal dilemma but it is instead the amount of years we would have to contain the nuclear material. The risk is too great without a better understanding of how to properly contain the spent nuclear waste.We also have an abundance of natural gas. Several millions cars in the world currently run on compressed natural gas but only 150,000 cars exist in this country that are fueled by compressed natural gas. Vehicles running on compressed natural gas run cleaner than vehicles that run on gasoline. Compressed natural gas cost less than gasoline. We would not need to import compressed natural gas from countries that despise us, as we do petroleum from the Middle East. There is no downside to using compressed natural gas to fuel our vehicles. How dumb can we be to buy less clean fuel from terrorist nations at a higher price than our own fuel, at a lesser cost that is cleaner to burn? Let’s wise up America!Petroleum producing states such as Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska has been a source of fueling cars in this nation for a century. Offshore drilling has produced futile fields of petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico. Offshore drilling off the coast of Florida and the Northwestern States would increase our petroleum output enormously. Our current energy policy is to buy petroleum from Middle Eastern nations that use the profits of their petroleum sales to finance terrorists. The terrorists use the money to finance the destruction of our cities. We then send our military to invade the Middle East. This creates instability in the price of petroleum, which results in us spending more on Middle East petroleum. The terrorists can then receive even more money to finance future terrorist acts. And so on. What kind-of-an energy policy is that?We need to become energy self-sufficient. Some people believe we, as a nation cannot afford the associated cost of becoming energy sufficient. The fact is that we cannot afford to not become energy sufficient. We have the resources and the technology capacity to become energy sufficient. The only thing that might prevent us from becoming energy sufficient is do we have the will to be self-sufficient. Imagine how much energy can be harnessed for the world if technology can convert to energy the hot air that comes out of Washington D.C. when Congress is in session.The question confronting us is do we have the will to do whatever it takes to become an energy sufficient nation?What do you think America? It is something for you to ponder over.